Isledon develops new models for delivering public services in the UK. We focus strongly on involving users themselves in the co-production of the services they receive.

Open Access Youth Services

We manage Lift, a healthy living hub, and Rose Bowl, a creative, sports and community centre. Between them they offer Islington’s young people an integrated set of services including careers advice, youth work support and sexual health clinics alongside fantastic opportunities for fulfilment through dance, sport and physical activity, cooking and baking, gardening, art and music.

We deliver the council's Summerversity programme which each year brings together over 30 organisations and 20 venues to deliver courses and workshops during the holidays.

Our programmes engage with over 2000 children and young people every year.

Targeted Emotional Wellbeing Services

We operate three early intervention pathways for young people with mild-to-moderate wellbeing issues and/or emotional based school avoidance. This involves receiving direct referrals via specific GP surgeries, social care teams, NHS departments and schools. Children and young people are assisted with personal plans that combine direct delivery, on-line tools and integrated services including pre and post-clinical intervention support.

Employing young people

Our core team is young, energetic, and unswervingly passionate about the values of bottom-up thinking, commercial nous and co-production. Sixty percent of our staff are aged 25 or under. Isledon Arts' FirstWorks programme recruits every year for a range of starter jobs in the company, including customer service assistants, meet-and-greeters and duty managers, and some 140 young people have been employed since 2011. Our links with other local organisations mean that even those who are not successful are offered extensive support and other job opportunities. Young employees have their say about the service here.

Facilities management, venue hire and catering

We manage public buildings on behalf of the local authority, including all aspects of facilities management. We hire out our facilities for use by businesses, ad agencies, production companies, charities, public bodies, schools and community groups. The income from venue hire and catering is a significant contribution to the work we undertake for social benefit and an opportunity to employ and train young people.

Software Development

Isledon Systems' I'm Here has grown over ten years to serve the needs of youth workers and commissioners, and is used by over 30 organisations. It includes a Kiosk app, where young people can quickly register attendance with a smart card; website links where they can book in for sessions; apps for youth workers to record notes, outcomes, referrals and conversations, including on-the-move using smartphones; apps for marketing managers and receptionists, and sophisticated reporting applications. Data storage is consent-based and young people can set up their own accounts within the system.

Support Functions

We use social marketing extensively to meet the needs of a wide range of demographic groups. We deliver all the support functions necessary for a sound and secure third sector business – HR, finance, marketing, building and plant maintenance, and very sophisticated IT systems and management information.


We work closely in partnership with Islington Council, NHS Islington and Friends of Rose Bowl who commission our services. We also have close working relationships and with most of the Islington-based organisations and charities involved in services for young people, these include Access to Sports, Dragon Hall, London Youth, City and Islington College, Mind Connect, Music Education Islington, Copenhagen Youth Project, Islington Boat Club, Jigsaw and Mary's Youth Club. We work with people who share our commitment to public service with a difference.