Things are looking rosy

welcometorosebowlWe have three very good bits of news. First, our contract to run Here To Islington, connecting volunteers to local projects, has been extended for another year. Second, we have been awarded the contract to manage Lift and Platform youth hubs for at least another two years. And third, Islington Council and Friends of the Rose Bowl have awarded us a new contract to manage the Rose Bowl youth centre in Canonbury.

We are delighted, excited, privileged and relieved – it has been a challenging few months working on the bids with an uncertain future ahead. A lot has been learned, and everyone in the organisation has played a part.

Rose Bowl will be managed in partnership with Hoxton Hall, who currently run the centre. The staff based there now will continue, and we will be building on their success to date.

This is a significant and rapid growth for an organisation of our size and age. We are going to grow from three contacts to four, and our staff list is expanding by about 40%. And our new services are not going to be just more of the same: we have investments and improvements in store, with increased numbers of young people using all the hubs. Preparation for employment is becoming more and more important. The mobilisation plan is underway. Watch this space!

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