Platform Summer Summit

This summer, Platform is calling together Islington’s young people for our first Creative Summit. We are asking the question – does creativity even matter?

Over five days young delegates will meet our team of ‘catalysts’, professionals from across different sectors who will introduce or challenge us to think about the role creativity plays in our lives. Delegates can choose to explore ideas further in dance, visual media, social media, music, spoken word and drama as well as good old discussion.

Ahead of the project kick off, we’ve asked Tayla, one of Platform and Lift’s youth ambassadors an few questions.

What are four things that inspire you?

“An image of a tiger’s eye inspires me because the animal itself is courageous and you can see how brave the animal is by looking into its eye.” tiger

“Music inspires me because there is so much emotion and feeling towards it. However there is only one song that has truly inspired me and it is called ‘Keep holding on’ by Avril Lavigne because the lyrics mean so much to me and in my mind tell me a story, a story that will never end unless I make it stop.”

“Seeing different styles of dance inspires me because every type of dance (street, ballet, contemporary, etc.) has a story/history to it. Seeing different types of dance inspired me to dance because I like to give myself a challenge.”

“The person that inspires me is ME because I’m the only person who can change myself. Yeah I know that most people say that their favourite artist, parents or best friends are their inspiration but not for me. Hasn’t anyone heard of the saying ‘You Were Born An Original, Don’t Die A Copy’? Because that is the saying that I completely agree with.”

Does creativity matter?

“I believe that creativity matters because without it there will be no imagination or different styles of anything. However with creativity there is imagination in every place you visit, there is different styles of dance, music and art.”

What creative things could Platform do to inspire you in the future?

“Tricky question, but… if Platform made new events that would inspire others to become more creative, that would probably inspire me. Or if Platform added different workshops (which could include, different activities, catering, or speaking your own mind).”

If you would like to join Tayla and the team for the Platform Summer Summit next week, email to sign up.

Platform Summer Summit, Monday 4- Friday 8 August 10am-5pm
Summit Sharing event Saturday 9 August 5-7pm.


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