Jonathan Gibbs


Managing Director

Jonathan started in BBC radio and became a producer at the Radiophonic Workshop, where he wrote scores for Dr Who. He helped bring digital editing to television post production in the 90s and then started a PhD at Bath University – which he hopes to finish some day.

Jonathan set up Isledon after six years running Islington's leisure charity trust.

Laura Cambell


Contracts Manager

Laura worked for an investment bank and leading high street retailer in various HR/training and development roles before joining Changemakers in 2005 as their HR Director. In 2011 Laura joined Isledon as the Operations Manager, overseeing all of its contracts.

Laura is a huge Arsenal fan, but don’t ask her to explain the offside rule.

Judith Samuel


Senior Youth Manager

Judith has worked in youth services for over 25 years and lived in Islington all her life. Previously she worked in the city in accountancy and was suited and booted. She gave it all up to work with young people as helping them was her passion.

Judith loves cooking and travelling.

Mary Brown


Marketing Manager

Mary started off as a lifeguard and moved through the operational ranks in Islington’s pools while also teaching young unemployed people at Kingsway College. She moved into leisure marketing and was also lead manager for Islington's leisure centres for swimming development and health projects.

Mary is a keen allotment gardener.

Jamal Saad


Catering Manager

Jamal has worked in catering management and food services for over 20 years including the BBC and high end restaurants. He enjoys promoting healthy living, using fresh ingredients and a cooking variety of cuisines.

Jamal is a keen cyclist.

Damien Swan


Head of Operations

Damien has previously managed several of Islington’s leisure centres including the Sobell. This has given him a wealth of experience in running buildings and customer service. Born and raised in Islington, his passion for supporting development in young people was his driver for joining Isledon.

Damien loves music and formula one racing.

Helen Sullivan


Bookings Manager

Helen joined Isledon in 2015 as a Duty Manager before moving to lead the bookings team. Coming from a background in leisure and hospitality these remain firm interests.

In her spare time you can find her at the theatre, local pool or football pitch, although these days it's purely spectating.