Christmas Day at Lift

Before we leave 2013 behind we would like to let you know of some excitement that happened at Lift on Christmas day.

For Christmas dinner we had the pleasure of welcoming 30 young care leavers at an event  delivered by 25 Twelve, supported by Islington Council, Brook and the Lift team.

Lift Christmas dinner was enjoyed by 30 young people

Lift Christmas dinner was enjoyed by 30 young people

Many care leavers dread Christmas and find it an isolating time. Those who are not in touch with any family or a previous foster family will spend Christmas day alone in independent accommodation. 25 Twelve was an opportunity for Islington’s care leavers and other young people in supported housing to have the kind of experience that we all look forward to on Christmas Day – a delicious, home-cooked meal, fun, games, presents and good company.

Having appealed for support from local business we were delighted to receive donations including a nine foot Christmas tree, a huge amount of high quality food and lots of presents which were wrapped lovingly by our team.

Having filled the ground floor with decorations and festive music, by 1pm on Christmas day the building was alive with volunteers and young people of all ages, tucking in to pre-dinner Celebrations and Roses.  Not long after, a rather intimidating sized buffet was brought down, with over five different meats! I’m delighted to say that a rather large dent was made in to it and all left with goody bags, presents and, naturally, filling for a hefty boxing day sandwich.

Let’s hope 25 Twelve will be even bigger next year, having over doubled in size from 2012. Perhaps you would like to be involved?

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